Improving teamworking skills in education. // Mejorando las habilidades de trabajo en equipo en la educación.

Teamwork skills are, nowadays, one of the most valued and demanded skills by employers in almost every industry. They are crucial in the workplace not only to maintain good relationships between members of an organization and its community, but also to generate pleasant work environments, in which every person involved can thrive and work towards (leer más)

June will be THE MONTH in Inercia Digital! / Junio será EL MES en Inercia Digital!

La llegada del junio es siempre un buen motivo para celebrar que el verano se aproxima, pero en Inercia Digital éste será sin duda nuestro junio y ¡puede ser el tuyo!. Con cuatro cursos confirmados a la vista, la formación continua en el ámbito de la educación será uno de nuestros objetivos estratégicos principales. Considerando (leer más)

Transnational learning mobilities with Erasmus+ to learn about Tools Supporting Educational Innovation! / ¡Movilidades de aprendizaje transnacionales con Erasmus+ para conocer las Herramientas que Apoyan la Innovación Educativa!

At Inercia Digital we promote educational innovation through continuous training for education professionals. Last week, a new edition of the course «Tools Supporting Educational Innovation» was held in Huelva from 02 until 06th of May, in which five members from the Nem Adjuk Fel Social Cooperative, from Hungary, participated. Following the main objective of the (leer más)

Do you want to be trained in digital skills and entrepreneurship? Participate in our confirmed courses in May! / ¿Quieres formarte en competencias digitales y de emprendimiento? ¡Participa en nuestros cursos confirmados en el mes de Mayo!

Inercia Digital continues to support education professionals as well as all citizens in general in the important task of keeping updated in the digital field. In such a changing world, with an excess of information and resources at our disposal, it is essential to keep updated on new educational methodologies and ICT tools available.  That (leer más)

Learning to create educational video games in one week is possible in Inercia Digital!/¡Aprender a crear videojuegos educativos en una semana es posible en Inercia Digital!

On the 18th of April, at the Inercia Digital Training and Innovation Centre, the course «Creating Educational Video Games» started, taught by our training team and attended by Lithuanian participants from Telsiu kurciuju ir neprigirdinciuju draugija, which lasted for five days. The main objective of the course is to help educational staff understand the fundamental (leer más)

The start of the training course «Creation of Educational Video Games» of our Digital School programme, is approaching// Se acerca el comienzo del curso “Creación de Videojuegos Educativos” de nuestro programa Escuela Digital.

Inercia Digital‘s commitment to the creation of digital environments in education does not cease. For this reason, our almost entire team is constantly looking for new ways of teaching, new ways of learning, new methodologies and different ways of implementing technology in the classroom.  In line with our objectives of expanding and spreading our commitment (leer más)

¡Últimos preparativos para la puesta a punto del nuevo curso «Radioafición y Técnicas de Comunicación Electrónica»! // Final preparations for the development of the new course «Amateur Radio and Electronic Communication Techniques»!

En Inercia Digital continuamos trabajando por  ofrecer una formación individualizada y centrada en necesidades específicas de profesorado, formadores/as y staff educativo. En este caso, comprometidos con mejorar las competencias digitales, y a través de movilidades para la formación del programa Erasmus+, hemos incorporado cursos de nueva creación a nuestro catálogo para responder a las necesidades (leer más)

Last chance to participate in the Erasmus+ KA122 ADU and SCH mobility projects Call 2022!

Next 23rd February is the deadline for submitting mobility projects aimed at professionals in the field of education: teachers, trainers and educational staff. These projects are funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme, so there is no cost for participants. The main objective of these projects is to support educational staff by promoting (leer más)

Do you want to boost your Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills with Erasmus+ KA1 opportunities? We tell you how!!

Erasmus+ KA1 offers schools and other organisations active in the field of formal, non-formal or informal education the opportunity to improve the qualifications of their staff with learning mobilities in a different country. Projects under this programme have a duration of 12-24 months and are completely funded by the EU, so they are specially recommended (leer más)

Apply for an Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility with Inercia Digital and boost your digital and entrepreneurial skills!

If you are part of the professional team of a centre of formal education or collaborate with an organization for adult training in the non-formal sphere, this may interest you! Erasmus+ Key Action (KA1) learning mobility projects allow teachers, trainers and other educational staff of formal and non-formal education to carry out learning mobilities in (leer más)