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Are you looking for the suitable partner who can support your project for the Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) call? // ¿Buscas el socio adecuado que pueda apoyar tu proyecto para la convocatoria Centros de Excelencia Profesional (CoVE)?

The Centres of Vocational Excellence initiative aims to respond to the political priority of supporting reforms in the VET sector by ensuring high quality skills and competences leading to quality employment and career-long opportunities and meeting the needs of an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy. This call is achieving an increased ‘European dimension’ in vocational (leer más)

¡En Inercia Digital apostamos por una acción educativa mediante el uso de redes sociales! // At Inercia Digital we are committed to educational action through the use of social networks! 

Innegablemente, las redes sociales han transformado la forma en que nos comunicamos y accedemos a la información. Dentro del ámbito educativo también ofrecen oportunidades para el aprendizaje colaborativo, el intercambio de recursos y la motivación del alumnado. Por ello, en Inercia Digital apostamos por su correcta integración para enriquecer toda la experiencia educativa. Así, durante (leer más)

📣 New Erasmus+ opportunity through the call “Small-Scale Partnerships in the field of youth open in Slovakia, Liechtenstein and Iceland!

🌍The call Small-Scale Partnerships in the field of youth is open for the national agencies of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Slovakia and closes on 7th May! From now, organisations active in the field of youth education from these countries can submit their applications to their national agencies. Apart from attracting and widening access for newcomers, less (leer más)

Would you like to discover tools that support educational innovation? At Inercia Digital we help spreading them! // ¿Quieres descubrir herramientas que apoyen la innovación educativa? ¡En Inercia Digital ayudamos a difundirlas!

Educational innovation fosters creativity in all members of the educational system and prepares students to face the challenges of the 21st century. In addition, it promotes equal opportunities by providing access to education through new technologies and inclusive approaches. That is why this week from March 18 to 22 we have received 7 professionals from (leer más)

🔍 Inercia Digital seeks to participate as partners in the Erasmus+ call «Virtual Exchanges in Higher Education and Youth» 🔍

🇪🇺The Erasmus+ programme has launched the call “Virtual exchanges in Higher Education and Youth” which focuses on projects covering online people-to-people activities that promote intercultural dialogue, digital and soft skills development. This call provides an accessible, ground-breaking way for young people to engage in dialogue and intercultural learning through an experience without physical mobility. 💡Inercia (leer más)

Curso gratuito de Seguridad Informática en Entornos de Teletrabajo (IFCT158)

¡Inscríbete en el curso gratuito 100% subvencionado por el SEPE y Mejora tus Habilidades en seguridad informática! El Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal (SEPE) presenta una oportunidad única para personas ocupadas, desempleadas, en ERTE o ERE: el curso gratuito «Seguridad Informática en Entornos de Teletrabajo (IFCT158)». Este programa formativo, con una duración de 100 horas, (leer más)

📣 The Erasmus+ call for Small-Scale Partnerships in the field of youth is officially open!

🔔A new deadline for Small scale Partnerships in the field of youth has just been established on 7th May! This becomes an additional round for applications for proposals that organisations can submit in the national agencies of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Slovakia. 🌍Small-scale partnerships are designed to expand access to the program to hard-to-reach individuals and (leer más)

Call for proposals to promote gender equality is currently open!

The programme «Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values» (CERV) has  a call for proposals to promote gender equality which is currently open and which the main objective is to support, encourage and implement comprehensive policies to promote the full enjoyment of women’s rights, gender equality, including work-life balance, equal pay for women and men, women’s empowerment (leer más)

Do you need an experienced digital partner for your Digital Europe proposal?// ¿Necesitas un socio digital con experiencia para tu propuesta de Europa Digital?

🇪🇺The Digital Europe Programme launched the call for proposals “Specialized education programmes in key capacity areas – Advanced digital skills analysis”  which aims to deliver insights into the changing advanced digital skills demands in the EU, by gathering inputs on the existing education and training offers in the area of advanced digital skills and to (leer más)