Digital skills and web 2.0 tools for Education training course in El Rompido

Last week Inercia Digital organized a training course, under the Erasmus plus programme,  called “Digital skills and web 2.0 tools for Education” in El Rompido. Our participants were from different kinds of schools in Italy, Rome. 

The objective of the course is to train professionals, students and investigators an the effective managing of existing applications in the cloud applied to study, work and investigation; to dominate those tools that allow us to create participative environments, a valuable contribution to study or work tools. A part of the course was a local good practices visit in Huelva´s primary school and Andalucia Compromiso Digital where the educational system was introduced and our participants could see the use of the digital devices in Spain.

Apart of the training, our participants visited a lot of places in Huelva and El Rompido also they tasted the typical Spanish food and participated in the Flamenco Workshop.

We hope our participants enjoyed their staying in El Rompido and learned a lot.

If you’re interested in participating in a European project with us you can contact us at We also have our course catalog with our offering for KA1 projects.


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