Make the Erasmus, you can find work: unemployment halved for those who have studied abroad

In Erasmus, we start to learn the language, learn to adapt, mature the experience of life. Erasmus students are the busiest, in the long run , are more problem-solving skills, are more curious, have developed more adaptability than young people who have never had an experience of training abroad. These are some of the considerations of a European Commission study on the impact of Erasmus to the purpose of work: young people moving have an unemployment rate of 23%, about half of their peers who have not ever put the foot outside of your country for formation. The major part of research employers look for, in the future employees, this kind of skills that the study abroad program is able to potentiate. You can benefit from Erasmus funding for study purposes but also to carry out an internship: a trainee on three at the end of the stage he received an offer by the host. For the period spent abroad, young people also tend to develop entrepreneurial skills and about one in ten then started his own company.

But the Erasmus not only affects studies and job opportunities, the social and romantic relationships open to new horizons: many students abroad has a stable relationship with a partner of another nationality, others ones have met its better half during the experience in another country.

An earlier study by the European Commission listed the positive effects on the life of Erasmus who does it: from the reduction of the risk of unemployment to the opening of business and cultural horizons of individuals. Those who enter the Erasmus community strengthens its » European feel » and is more likely to work in the international area.


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