Course multimedia content for e-learning project

DigitalSchoolBegins the countdown for the start of the course. You can still sign up.

We started on Monday May 9 confirmed with the assistance of a group of teachers from Malta (Maria Regina College, Middle School, Naxxar), Estonia (Pelgulinna Gymnasium) and Poland (Fundacja Archipelag Innowacji Społecznych).

Course multimedia content for e-learning  project.
The Aims of the Course are to train personnel and teachers from educational centers in the use of digital tools to be reliable to organise, create, edit, and share documents, information, supporting materials in different media formats for the students’ use in Their training process and Present for the teaching team.

The training program also includes some local good practices of TIC integration within the Andalusian schools, as far as the eLearning activities to move this technology closer to the participant students.

The participation is open to professors and staff of the European schools. Whether you are interested on participating in any of those seminars or you have any query about it, you can contact us through the following emails:

For more information about Staff Mobility for Teaching and Training, please follow this linkshere and that other one. For more information about the European Union support for students and staff exchanges and university cooperation, please follow link here. And to enter the first parte of this post, click here.

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Jose Manuel Luna Huertas

Responsable del departamento de formación. at Inercia Digital
Máster en Formación y Enseñanza E-Learning. Experto en Web 2.0 para PYMES.

Jose Manuel Luna Huertas

Máster en Formación y Enseñanza E-Learning. Experto en Web 2.0 para PYMES.

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