What kinds of margin does Erasmus+ Programme generate? Wouldn’t be better to allocate the funds provided by the grants in other fields?

Erasmus+ Programme has a budget of milliards of euro available but maybe you can ask yourself why this money are allocated right in the fields of education, training, youth. As we know it generates advantages mostly in the social field encouraging development, learning in Europe. So if from a social point of view it provides many advantages we could think instead that is not positive from an economic point of view seen the amount of funding. I would try to show you that it isn’t like this but rather Erasmus+ Programme generates outcomes not only for the social condition but also for the economic one.

The major part of the grants are intended to the students giving them the possibility to spend new experience, to learn the foreign language, to acquire new skills, to integrate into the world always more global. Now, once the students obtain their graduates how the Erasmus can be useful?

Erasmus, not only for students, generates a lot of outcomes not only for the applicants, but also for companies, school, social world in general because these ones will exploit all the knowledge that Erasmus Programme by their project provides to the society.


-A company employs people who have attended Erasmus project

-It will get employees with already a good experience and preparation and it can exploit their learning

-Learning provides new ideas giving the possibility to the company to decrease, for example, the production costs, exploit economies of scale, to innovate

-Decreasing these ones the price can be decreased too, instead the quality of products, services can be increased

-Customers, consumers will have more possibilities to get what they need

This was just one of the several outcomes that Erasmus Programme provides to the society and as we can see at least all the people can enjoy the advantages given from that Programme.

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