3rd Meeting and Training event under the project Disco

A week ago we had the pleasure to host for the 3rd meeting and a training course event “Disco and Digital Environment” the following organizations SOUTH EAST EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY TETOVO*INSTITUTE FOR ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH, Pakize Kokulu Anadolu Lisesi, SSOU MOSHA PIJADE-TETOVO and ZENDENSINO with which we have a project DISCO.

Disco wants, throughout the planned activities, enhance the key competences and skills on ICT and learning performance of students attending schools, through promoting quality improvements, innovation excellence at the level of education, in particular through enhanced transnational cooperation between education and training providers and other stakeholders in the field of ICT integration in schools (teaching and management).

Moreover, the project intend to boost the emergence and raise awareness of a European lifelong learning area designed to complement policy reforms at national level and to support the modernization of education systems, in particular through enhanced dissemination of good primg_20161028_183505actices and cooperation.

Enhancing digital integration in learning, teaching, at various levels: supporting ICT-based teaching, as well as ICT based assessment practices. In particular, support teachers, educational staff in acquiring or improving the use of ICT for learning and related digital competences.

Apart of the training and 3rd meeting we have provided for them several activities, for example the flamenco workshop which pictures you can see in this post.

We’d like to thank the group for the great interest which they had during the training and the healthy environment they created around all the activities proposed.

If you’re interested in participating in an European project with us you can contact us at erasmusplus@inerciadigital.com. We also have our course catalogue with our offering for KA1 projects.


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