I am sitting on the meeting of the new project right now and I have to say all the partners of this project are very friendly and talk-active, I am happy to work with them.

While I am sitting here I am thinking… how to choose the right Erasmus+ partner? Is it difficult?

I have found on the internet one nice post about 5 tips which should help you to find a good partner and I would like to share it with you.

According to this page (Institute of Entrepreneurship Development) the best tips for choosing the partners are:

  1. First of all, check the country of the potential partner. It should be listed in the list of the eligible countries for Erasmus+. Read the official site of the program carefully and find out all the details on the countries which are accepted to apply.
  2. If the country of origin of your partner is eligible, you should proceed with the analysis. It is important to check the sphere of activity of your potential partner and compare it with yours. If the spheres match or even complement each other, it is a perfect choice for you. Such a partner will help to improve your knowledge and you will have common interests and goals which multiplies your chances for success.
  3. Think strategically. You should analyze the peculiarities of the country of origin of your potential partner and choose the one which is the most successful in the sphere you are interested in.
  4. Pay attention to the partner’s profile. Study his or her education and work experience thoroughly and choose the one with the best profile. Successful person will be a good pattern to follow as well as a good partner who will help to leverage your professionalism.
  5. If you are looking for the partner university, read as much as possible about the potential partners. Check the university’s rating, the feedback on it as well as its projects and main initiatives. The more initiative the university is, the better.

I agree with the recommendations mentioned above and I think all the steps/tips will help you to find a good partner for your project.

As I have an experience in the field of “looking for partners” I would like to recommend you another step/tip which will help you to find a good partner. The tip is – TRY TO GET TO KNOW YOUR POTENTIAL PARTNER BETTER BEFORE THE APPLYING FOR A PROJECT!

In the modern world you have a lot of possibilities to get to know your partner closer, for example you can make a Skype call with him/her! You probably wouldn´t believe how useful it is. With the video-call you can see how your “future” partner behaves, what is his/her level of English, how he/she thinks…

I hope the shared tips will be helpful for you and I wish you good luck in looking for your partner!

If don´t know where to look for a partner, please find the following links here and here.

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