Inercia Digital, your digital partner for CoVEs proposals. // Inercia Digital, su socio digital para las propuestas de CoVEs.

The initiative on Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) supports a bottom-up approach to Vocational Excellence involving a wide range of local stakeholders. It enables VET institutions to rapidly adapt skills provision to evolving economic and social needs, including the digital and green transitions. CoVEs operate in a given local context, being the linchpin of skills (leer más)

Seeking to participate in Alliances for Innovation as digital partner. // Buscando participar en Alianzas para la Innovación como socio digital.

Alliances for Innovation aim to strengthen Europe’s innovation capacity by boosting innovation through cooperation and flow of knowledge among higher education, vocational education and training (both initial and continuous), and the broader socio-economic environment, including research. This action also aims to boost the provision of new skills and address skills mismatches by designing and creating (leer más)

🇪🇺 Are you newcomers in the Erasmus+ Programme? Inercia Digital is the experienced partner you need for a Erasmus+ proposal! // ¿Eres una organización nueva en el Programa Erasmus+? ¡Inercia Digital es el socio con experiencia que necesitas para tu propuesta Erasmus+! 📝

📍Within the new Erasmus+ programme, Small-scale Partnerships are designed to widen access to the programme to small-scale actors and individuals who are hard to reach in the fields of school education, adult education, vocational education and training, youth and sport. Small-scale Partnerships can also contribute to the creation and development of transnational networks and to (leer más)

Inercia Digital is strengthening youth education through international cooperation within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme! // ¡Inercia Digital está fortaleciendo la educación de los jóvenes a través de la cooperación internacional en el marco del Programa Erasmus+!

Young people are important for economic growth and for social, technological and political innovation, but they are facing a difficult time after the pandemic. COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented crisis in education systems. According to the UN, around 1.6 billion students in 190 countries have been affected by measures such as the closure of schools (leer más)

Are you interested in building mutually beneficial partnerships in the framework of the new Erasmus+ Programme? // ¿Estás interesado/a en construir asociaciones mutuamente beneficiosas en el marco del nuevo Programa Erasmus+?

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown (European Commission, 2021), access to education is proving, more than ever, to be essential to ensuring a swift recovery, while promoting equal opportunities for all. As part of this recovery process, the new Erasmus+ Programme takes its inclusive dimension to a new horizon by supporting opportunities for personal, socio-educational (leer más)

Inercia Digital and CEIPES will work together on the inclusion of people with fewer opportunities through the ICT. // Inercia Digital y CEIPES trabajarán juntas para conseguir la inclusión de los más desfavorecidos a través de las TIC.

At the beginning of July 2022, the Innovation Manager of Inercia Digital, Marta Mármol Muñoz, met with Valeria Buscemi, Project Manager of CEIPES, in Palermo, Italy to discuss joint lines of work that can be carried out in the future between both companies that involve a mutual benefit for both Spain and Italy in favour (leer más)

Inercia Digital, a key partner to successful strategic collaboration in the field of innovative education and training // Inercia Digital, un socio clave para una colaboración estratégica con éxito en el área de la educación y la formación innovadora

On Friday 1st July, 2022 the Innovation Department of Inercia Digital met different European organisations in order to explore fruitful ways of collaboration around Cooperation partnerships within the framework of the new Erasmus+ Programme 2021- 2027: Osnovna škola Davorina Trstenjaka Hrvatska Kostajnica (Croatia), a primary school focused on important fields such as ICT, environment, arts (leer más)

Inercia Digital is searching for new European partners within the framework of the new Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027.// Inercia Digital busca nuevos socios europeos en el marco del nuevo Programa Erasmus+ 2021-2027.

Networking always plays a crucial role in the development of organizations and having a network of reliable partners is critical for the success of European innovation proposals. Thanks to it and the high level of expertise in ICT, digitization and entrepreneurship, Inercia Digital has become an experienced organization at the center of European strategic relationships (leer más)

Inercia Digital starts looking for partners for the upcoming calls of the new Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027! // ¡Inercia Digital empieza a buscar soci@s para las próximas convocatorias del nuevo programa Erasmus + 2021-2027!

From Inercia Digital, we are preparing for the upcoming calls of the new Erasmus programme 2021-2027 and we have already started to look for organisations willing to collaborate with us under it, but also interested in other programmes such as Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV) and Horizon Europe. Indeed, on 11 May,  the (leer más)