📣 New Erasmus+ opportunity through the call “Small-Scale Partnerships in the field of youth open in Slovakia, Liechtenstein and Iceland!

🌍The call Small-Scale Partnerships in the field of youth is open for the national agencies of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Slovakia and closes on 7th May! From now, organisations active in the field of youth education from these countries can submit their applications to their national agencies. Apart from attracting and widening access for newcomers, less experienced organisations and small-scale actors to the programme, the Small-Scale Partnerships call aims to increasing quality in the work and practices of the organisations and institutions involved; Building capacity of organisations to work transnationally and across sectors; Addressing common needs and priorities in the fields of youth education; Enabling transformation and change leading to improvements, in proportion to the context of each organisation.

🇪🇺 Inercia Digital is an innovative VET center in Andalusia (Spain) officially accredited by our regional government and specialised in training and innovation in digital and entrepreneurial skills at an international level. Our areas of expertise include:🔒ICT components and cybersecurity, 💻E-platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS) , 🤖Educational robotics and 3D printing,📱Coding, Android and IOS apps and innovative digital content. What’s more? Inercia Digital is the suitable partner to meet the objectives of the call “Small-Scale Partnerships in the field of Youth” because:

  • Inercia Digital has acquired ample experience in the field of youth education through our successful participation in more than 120 projects in the Erasmus+ programme, thus making us experts on the needs and dynamics of youth-focused initiatives.
  • Inercia Digital implements innovative training methodologies adapted to address the specific needs of each project, thus ensuring effective, efficient and impactful outcomes.
  • Inercia Digital’s knowledge in digital innovation and non-formal education make us uniquely equipped to leverage digital tools and technologies to drive transformation and change in each project.

And what’s more! In the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, the European Commission has awarded numerous initiatives of ours as Best Practices projects. Here’s some of them!:

  • Digital ErasMUSeum Learning (2020-1-SE01-KA227-SCH-092462): The main goal of this project is to leverage cultural heritage as a tool for education and resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic, fostering a sense of European identity and community
  • Not left behind children-an action plan for parental education of migrant parents (2020-1-RO01-KA204-080332): The project aims to improve communication within transnational families by educating migrant parents and parent educators and providing tools to facilitate ongoing and substantive communication with children left at home.
  • DigitALL Schools (2020-1-PL01-KA226-SCH-096232): The main goal of our project was to promote the use of appropriate educational tools as a new practice to integrate and unify the diverse perspectives of distance learning and digital learning.

From Inercia Digital, we are interested to join a consortium and cooperate as partners offering our expertise and experience in the Erasmus+ programme. Are you preparing a KA210 proposal for the May call? Collaborate with Inercia Digital in order to provide an added value to your proposal! Contact us at innovation@inerciadigital.com and we will send our PIF!

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