Inercia Digital´s staff mobility

Inercia Digital S.L. sent, under the Erasmus+ programme more specifically KA104, one of the staff, Veronika Fričová, Training Manager to Portsmouth, in UK, from the 4th to the 5th of February to take the course with the title “ECVET for mobility”.

The training course is about the implementation of the ECVET system in mobility projects, in order to get familiar with the ECVET instruments: the Memorandum of Understanding, the Learning Agreement, the tools for the assessment and validation of achieved learning outcomes. The Quality standards and the procedure designed by the Education and Training Network: comparing European solutions, giving practical solutions.

Among the competences are included the improvement of the English level of the participant through the contact with native speakers and the increase of the international cooperation between both participants and organizations benefitting from the project.

After the mobility, a workshop in the company will hold to share the knowledge acquired as well as to promote the cooperation between European countries.

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