Course “Teaching strategies for e-Learning”

Here we are in PCTH, Aljaraque, where we are hosting teachers from Malta and Estonia who came here under the Erasmus+ KA1 projects. The course which we have prepared for them has title “Teaching strategies for e-Learning“ which is based on non-formal education delivered by energizing activities and dynamic group activities. The course provides topics (leer más)

Second transnational meeting for the INTEMIS Project in Porto // Segundo encuentro del Proyecto INTEMIS en Oporto

The Second Transnational Meeting for the INTEMIS Project was held the 10th and 11th of April, 2017, in the facilities of the Universidade Portucalense (UPT), in Porto. After a welcome from the Portuguese partner, the coordinator of the project, from IIS Da –Vinci, gave an overview of the project progress and presented the activities carried out. (leer más)

Erasmus +: ¿quién puede participar en este programa? || Erasmus +: who can take part of this program?

Erasmus +: ¿quién puede participar en este programa? Erasmus + es un programa que se está llevando a cabo desde el 2014 y que tiene como objetivos el aprendizaje formal e informal en otros países, ya sean pertenecientes a la EU o no. Pero, ¿quiénes pueden participar en este programa? Más allá de lo que (leer más)

Digital skills and web 2.0 tools for Education training course in El Rompido

Last week Inercia Digital organized a training course, under the Erasmus plus programme,  called “Digital skills and web 2.0 tools for Education” in El Rompido. Our participants were from different kinds of schools in Italy, Rome.  The objective of the course is to train professionals, students and investigators an the effective managing of existing applications in (leer más)

First training event of the We M@ke IT Happen Project // Primer evento formativo del Proyecto We M@ke IT Happen

The first short-term joint staff training event of the We M@ke IT Happen Project was held in Craiova, Romania between the 6th and 10th of March, 2017. Our Romanian partner, Asociatia Paradigme Educationale, was the responsible of organizing and executing the activity.   During the activity, the representatives of the partners from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece and (leer más)

Tres herramientas digitales útiles para el aprendizaje de lenguas. || Three useful Digital Tools for language learning.

Tres herramientas digitales útiles para el aprendizaje de lenguas. Hoy día es fácil hablar sobre e-Learning o herramientas digitales, ¿pero sabemos cómo usarlas adecuadamente para animar al alumnado a que aprendan? Hay tantas herramientas digitales como gente en el mundo, solo tenemos que buscar una que se ajuste a nuestras necesidades. Dependiendo de lo que (leer más)

Info-session about the Project “STRIDE” in Moguer//Info sesión sobre el proyecto “STRIDE” en Moguer

Inercia Digital organized an info-session about the Project Strategies for the Digital Education (STRIDE), which took place on 21st February 2017 in Moguer. Erasmus+ project, Strategies for the Digital Education, aims to create a digitalization strategy for education, to renovate and adapt school staff and facilities to the new information age, and for that, two outputs will be (leer más)

Course Personal Learning Environment organized in Huelva

We have organized the training course in Huelva, Personal Learning Environment from 13th to 19th of December. It was a course under the Erasmus+ KA 1 mobilities between Inercia Digital and Macedonian teachers. Personal Learning Environments (PLE) is focused on how to restructure our own PLE to transfer this knowledge into our business trainee and teachers. (leer más)

Second transnational meeting of the LifeLong@Learning Project in Paris // Segundo encuentro transnacional del Proyecto LifeLong@Learning en París

The last 21st of February, the second transnational meeting for the LifeLong@Learning Project was held in Paris, France. Our French partner, La Ligue de l’Enseignement, was the responsible of the organization of this meeting, which took place on their offices. LifeLong@Learning Project aims to promote the use of ICT in adult learning focusing on the (leer más)

Erasmus+ Programme – Ka104 Staff Mobility / Programa Erasmus+ Ka104 Movilidad de Personal

Last week, Ana María Rodríguez, Project Coordinator at Inercia Digital, travelled to Portsmouth in United Kingdom, under the Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 104 for staff mobility, to assist to the course titled English for educators and administrative staff, from 4th to 8th of February. This course had as main objective to improve the communication (leer más)