E-learning Platforms and Resources course in Sevilla

Last week we finished a new training course in Sevilla, E-learning Platforms and Resources. It was a course under the Erasmus+ KA 1 motilities between Inercia Digital and teachers and inspectors from Romania´s school named Colegiul National “ Costache Negruzzi“ lasi.14433045_1808024612768119_7797680980996786785_n

The course was designed to help teachers use e-learning platforms and related technologies in everyday classroom in a practical and realistic way. The aim of the course was to enable participants to use ICT tools through Exelearning, Moodle and WordPress from a didactical perspective and enhancing interdisciplinary inquiry through a Digital Classroom.

Course work contained a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. Participants were given the theoretical information that they need to effectively create their own learning practice in order to incorporate Exelearning, Moodle, and WordPress in their lessons. Using this theoretical knowledge, they completed several practical tasks designed to create a digital classroom using platforms, especially the school´s own platform.img_20160928_132510

For best practice examples, teachers have also visited an educational centre and a high school. CEP, Centro del Profesorado de Sevilla, prepared for our participants excellent presentation about their work and about the educational system in Spain and high school, I.E.S. VELAZQUEZ, in Sevilla explained their educational system in the school, where work two different systems. One of them is online and the students also come to school two days a week, there are virtual lessons on a digital platform. The other One is the traditional systems.

A part of the training our participants discovered the beauty of the Sevilla and surrounded cities. For example, Real Alcázar, Catedral de Sevilla and places like Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz and Gibraltar.

We hope our participants enjoyed their staying in Sevilla, they learned a lot and we wish them safe travel to their home country.


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