Trendy Media for Youth Workers

At the end of the last month Inercia Digital has participated in a seminar named Trendy Media for Youth Workers, under the Erasmus+ in Náchod, Czech Republic.

International Seminar Erasmus+ for Youth Workers about IT skills, took place in Náchod from 26/07/2016 – 30/07/2016. Participants were from Lithuania, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.13882654_1220381411307326_7898653263292835387_n

Youth centre –Déčko Náchod (our coordinator of the seminar) is situated in a beautiful building surrounded with a large park. There is a playground, open air cirque, a fireplace with benches in the park. Everything in the building and park is tailored to interests of children and young people. Our seminar took place next to the youth centre in the forest. We were surrounded by beautiful nature and, of course, by amazing and very enthusiastic people, who took care about us.

Youth Centre Déčko Náchod doesn´t work only with Erasmus+ projects, but also works with children, youth and young families. They have 90 hobby groups opened for more than 1000 children and young people and more than 50 parents, organise 20 summer camps for more than 700 children every year, opens events for the community, for example kite competitions, Halloween parties, spring celebrations, winter games… etc. There are seminars and schooling with experts opened too. 13686495_1220381024640698_5001226157416656678_n (1)

Trendy Media for Youth Workers, was a seminar, where we have been using media, like: Facebook, LinkedIn,, different editors for photos´ and videos´, we were speaking about the online safety, working with teachers, online ethics, 10 tips for effective message, tips how to get published, what to prepare for press release and what kind of information is most valuable, how to prepare good storyline, etc. We also used an application – Actionbound, made a lot of energising activities and we were discussing/brain storming about the different topics every day, under the non-formal education.

We would like to say “thank you” to Déčko, for providing us this nice opportunity to see the part of Czech Republic, meet new people and learn something new about the trendy media.

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