Two weeks ago we had the pleasure to host for the course “Assessing training activities, using WEB 2.0. tools” the following organizations Colegiul tehnic «Alexandru Domsa», CONSORZIO PER LA FORMAZIONE LOGISTICA INTERMODALE, FA-Magdeburg GmbH, EDREMIT-MESLEKI EGITIM MERKEZI and Zespol Szkol Nr 2 im. Grzegorza z Sanoka w Sanoku with which we have a project INTEMPO.

INTEMPO) project emerged from the need of the VET sector to adapt to the gradually demanding labour market and it developed with view to:

– implementing  innovations in teaching methods;

– creating a mechatronic Auxiliary Curricula adapted to the needs of students/ trainees specializing in this field of activity;

– creating  the collection of methodology and teaching and evaluation tools as well as the auxiliary curricula which will be subdued  to constant revision and implementation. Designed as day to day tools in teaching activities they are meant to resist time and to serve VET teachers as well as their trainees in the long run. Lessons planning for classroom/workshop activities will encompass innovative methods and good practice resulted from the common work of project partners.

In our course we explained MODERN 2.0 COLLABORATIVE TOOLS – Projects and communication: Trello and Slack, Documentation management: Quip; CLOUD COMPUTING –  Google Drive essentials (sharing and extension functions, Forms and My Maps), Project management with Asana and PUBLISHING AND SHARING – Creating and maintaining a blog, Slideshare, Scribd, Issuu.

We’d like to thank the group for the great interest which they had during the training and the healthy environment they created around all the activities proposed.

If you’re interested in participating in an European project with us you can contact us at We also have our course catalogue with our offering for KA1 projects.


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