Third course of IoT DIGICLASS in Romania

Last week we have attended the IoT DIGI CLASS course, the 3rd one, which took place in Lugoj, Romania. In this training course our partners of the Vocational School Kadri Şaman MTSO of Mersin, Turkey, were teaching students from Portugal, Italy, Romania and Spain about the use of the Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards and its application on the Internet of the Things.

img_20161010_1610211Internet Of Things or IoT is defined as a system of devices that have formed a smart net connecting and communicating with each other thanks to a variety of communication protocols.

With the project that we carry out, we aim to improve the cooperation, safety and reliability of the systems built according to IOT ecosystem, which we believe to improve people’s lives  and increase the roles of these systems in the educational process of Informatic Technologies.

With this project, we would like to increase the competency, qualification and experiences of our teachers and vocational technical education students in practice. In addition, by identifying the differences  between what the experienced countries from Europe do in this issue and the dimension of the technological infrastructures and the local tools we use, strengthening the infrastructures to develop applications for IOT ecosystem in our country exists as an important goal in the result of our project.  Participants of our project  will be parts of the developing and changing information world.img_20161010_1705431

In Romania, we were hosted by Colegiul Tehnic “Valeriu Braniste” who prepared for us, apart from the good training environment, nice activities not only in the city, but also in cities out from Lugoj, for example, Timisoara the city called a small Viena. We had an opportunity to visit several castles in Romania, a place where is produces Romanian’s wine and a small resort for bisons and more.

We would like to say thank you to the Colegiul Tehnic “Valeriu Braniste” for all they help and support!

For more information about the project, please find Twitter y Facebook links and its official website


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