Course “Teaching strategies for e-Learning”

Here we are in PCTH, Aljaraque, where we are hosting teachers from Malta and Estonia who came here under the Erasmus+ KA1 projects.

The course which we have prepared for them has title “Teaching strategies for e-Learning“ which is based on non-formal education delivered by energizing activities and dynamic group activities.

The course provides topics such as Moodle and blog in order to explain the e-Learning methods and their use in the classrooms. The aim of the course is to learn to structure a course in a training platform by organizing its format, distributing activities, designing questionnaires and enabling the skills to manage student records in an easy and transparent way for teachers and students and how to create and manage the blog for sharing the educational material.

Part of the course is also a “best practices day“ where our company goes with the participants to the primary school and the educational center as well. The visit day has its meaning in order to provide the real life use of Moodle and other platforms in the schools and educational centers, like Andalucia Compromiso Digital, it gives a space to participants to ask questions about the Spanish education system and understand the different way of teaching and learning in our country.

We hope our participants will enjoy their staying in Huelva, where is located their hotel and will learn a lot in order to share it in their countries and maybe apply it in their schools.

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