Erasmus+ Andalucia School: Erasmus+ courses for european teachers in Andalucia

  logo erasmus+ andalucia school The Survey of schools: ICT in Education (p.150) line out how despite having access and positive attitudes towards implementing ICT into their teaching and learning, teachers often find this difficult and require on providing ICT coordinators in school with a role of pedagogical as well as technical guidance, or increasing the training provided by school staff and others to teachers of all disciplines. It should therefore be encouraged, including subject

Online professional collaboration between teachers can also lead to effective changes in their practice, and a deeper awareness of their own professional development needs. Although online resources and networks are widely available in Europe, they are a relatively new way for teachers to engage in professional development, and only a minority is exploiting their benefits. There is a need therefore to further promote the opportunities they can afford to the European teaching community.


Enhancing digital integration in learning and teaching supporting ICT

ICT improving the use of ICT for learning and related digital competences; supporting digital integration in learning to reach audiences; exploring the potential of learning analytics and crowd increase the quality of learning.


To gain this goal the programme foster a long term cooperation between schools and other

organizations with a view on ICT integration in education establishing exchanges of good practices. For this reason the project is divided in two integrated section.

Erasmus+ Andalucía School

Erasmus+ Andalucía School is a Training Programme organised by Inercia Digital S.L. This programme comes up with a double aim: on the one hand, we offer training courses to improve and increase the competences of European teachers and students; and on the other hand, we work on the promotion of Erasmus Plus programme among Andalusian teachers and students.

Based on non-formal learning, with a learning-by-doing approach: receiving theoretical basis through practical sessions. Every training course will have a section about e-learning to encourage digital competences. Courses will be adapted to attendees (School/VET/University/Adults Education).

Digital School

– Digital information management for educational use

– Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

– Teaching Strategies for E-learning

– E-learning Platforms and Resources

– Starting your School’s e-Learning Plan

– Digital school in Erasmus+

– Social Media for teachers

– Digital skills and web tools 2.0 applied to education

– Use of Google Suite for educators and staff

Erasmus+ School

– Erasmus+ Schools

– Erasmus+ for Higher Education Institutions

– Dissemination and Social Media for Erasmus+ Projects

– Erasmus+ Project Coordinator

Flamenco School

– A didactic approach to «Flamenco»

– Technical basis: Rhythm and measure of Flamenco

– Sevillanas dance as a teaching resource

– Musical Composition and Instruments of Flamenco

Spanish School

– Fluency &Spanish Language Development for Teachers (I)

– Fluency &Spanish Language Development for Teachers (II)

– Andalusian Culture: El Rompido fishing village

– Andalusian Culture: Sevilla monumental city

Inercia Digital has instituted the ISO 29990:2010 in every course and service of formation (specific norm of quality for the suppliers of learning services of non-formal education and formation). Introduced as a result of CooperActive (Agreement no. 2014-1044/001-001) -Erasmus+ Ka2 Project-Capacity Building in the field of Youth Project (2015).

Inercia Digital supports and helps your organisation during the process of the project proposal that you are going to apply for. Do not hesitate to contact us in any case, and we will be willing to work and collaborate with you!:

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