Info-session about the Project “DISCO” in Moguer//Info sesión sobre el proyecto “DISCO” en Moguer

Inercia Digital organized an info-session about the Project Digital Schools Contest (DISCO), which took place on 21st February 2017 in Moguer. Digital Schools Contest  (DISCO) is a Erasmus+ project which throughout the planned activities the wants to enhance the key competences and skills on ICT and learning performance of young people attending schools, through promoting quality improvements, innovation (leer más)

Entradas recientes

Kick-off Meeting of the Erasmus+ Project “Informed and Safe Use of Social Media” // Primer encuentro del Proyecto Erasmus+ “Informed and Safe Use of Social Media”

The last week of January we had the pleasure to host the partners of the Project named “INFORMED AND SAFE USE SOCIAL MEDIA SKILLS TO ADULTS” for the kick-off transnational meeting. The meeting took place at El Rompido School on the 30th and 31st of January and 1st of February. Partners from Golbasi Public Education (leer más)

Entrevista de Andalucía Compromiso Digital a Inercia Digital

Nos complace compartir esta entrevista realizada por Andalucía Compromiso Digital (una iniciativa de la Consejería de Empleo, Empresa y Comercio puesta en marcha en 2007 que contribuye a mejorar el aprovechamiento de las nuevas tecnologías y el desarrollo de las habilidades digitales de la ciudadanía andaluza), organización de la que Inercia Digital es empresa Mecenas y (leer más)

Erasmus+ Programme – Ka104 Staff Mobility / Programa Erasmus+ Ka104 Movilidad de Personal

Last week, Ana María Rodríguez, Project Coordinator at Inercia Digital, travelled to Portsmouth in United Kingdom, under the Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 104 for staff mobility, to assist to the course titled English for educators and administrative staff, from 4th to 8th of February. This course had as main objective to improve the communication (leer más)

First Transnational Meeting for the We M@ke IT H@ppen Project

The first transnational meeting for the We M@ke IT Happen was held in Trikala, Greece, the 10th and 11th of December, 2016. Our Greek partner, the Development Centre of Thessaly AKETH, was the responsible of organizing and executing the first of the meetings. During the meeting, the coordinators from the ANADOLU UNIVERSITY explained and discussed the project (leer más)

First Transnational Meeting of the Tools and Games for Cyberbullying project

Under a magnificent layer of thick, cold snow, we held the kickoff meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic, for the project Tools and Games for Cyberbullying from 5th to 7th of January. Hosted by our partners and coordinators Rizika internetu a komunikačních technologií, the meeting took place in their installations, with a rather alternative but effective approach (leer más)

New technologies and the need for an adapted education – subjects of discussion at the Davos World Economic Forum 2017

“As technological disruption accelerates in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, how can societies organize themselves better to respond to the potential employment and other distributional effects?” This was one of the many questions asked during this year’s Davos World Economic Forum – but the subject at hand has an arguably larger and more and more intricate (leer más)

Inercia Digital ha sido declarada nuevo miembro del “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition” de la Comisión Europea.Inercia Digital was declared new member of “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition” of the European Commission

    En marzo de 2013, la Comisión puso en marcha la Gran Coalición para el Empleo Digital: una asociación de múltiples organizaciones interesadas en facilitar la colaboración entre los proveedores de negocios, la educación pública, y los actores privados para tomar medidas para atraer a los jóvenes a la educación de las TIC, y (leer más)

Inercia Digital´s staff mobility

Inercia Digital S.L. sent, under the Erasmus+ programme more specifically KA104, one of the staff, Veronika Fričová, Training Manager to Portsmouth, in UK, from the 4th to the 5th of February to take the course with the title “ECVET for mobility”. The training course is about the implementation of the ECVET system in mobility projects, in (leer más)