Second Transnational Meeting for INTEMPO in Magdeburg, Germany

From the 22nd to the 26th of August we had the pleasure to visit Magdeburg for the second transnational meeting of the INTEMPO project. During these days we discussed the status of the project and we shared different teaching methodologies for mechatronics gathered by all the partners. We also enjoyed the incredible visit to the (leer más)

Mr. Organic in Lithuania // Mr. Organic en Lituania (06-12.07.2016)

Mr. Organic in Lithuania Inercia Digital goes to the joint staff training of the partners of the Useful, Usability, Disposability (UUD) Project in Lithuania. Useful, Usability, Disposability (UUD) is a Erasmus+ project which addresses the issue of plastic invasion of our communities and households with a purpose to bring the message of a safe and (leer más)

Mr. Organic en España // Mr. Organic in Spain

Mr. Organic en España Utilidad, Usabilidad y Desechabilidad (UUD) es un proyecto Erasmus+ que se dirige a los problemas de la invasión de plásticos en nuestras comunidades y hogares con el propósito de portar el mensaje de un entorno seguro y sano cercano a los ciudadanos a través de la educación cívica. El personal de (leer más)

Final meeting of the Job Impulse Project // Último encuentro del proyecto Job Impulse

Early June was the date selected to celebrate the final meeting of the Job Impulse project. Hosted by EUROYOUTH, we were welcomed in Lisbon for the two days the meeting lasted to discuss about the current state of the project as well as its sustainability plan. Job Impulse aimed to create a job portal, GO JOB GO, in (leer más)

Do you have an Erasmus + KA1 grant?

Erasmus+ Andalucía School Erasmus+ Andalucía School is a Training Programme organised by Inercia Digital S.L. This programme comes up with a double aim: on the one hand, we offer training courses to improve and increase the competences of European teachers and students; and on the other hand, we work on the promotion of Erasmus Plus (leer más)

Second meeting for the DISCO project // Segundo encuentro del proyecto DISCO

28th and 29th of April were the days choosen to celebrate the second meeting for the DISCO project. Taking place in Esposende, north of Portugal, we were greeted by the Zendensino School who took very good care of all of the partners from our arrival until our departure. The DISCO project aims to empower and improve the use (leer más)

Nuevo sitio web del proyecto UUD // UUD Project new website

Como resultado de lo acordado en el curso de formación que impartimos para los socios del proyecto Useful, Usability and Disposability a mediados de marzo, Inercia Digital ha puesto en marcha el sitio web que servirá como punto principal de difusión. El proyecto Useful, Usability and Disposability (Utilidad, Usabilidad y Desechabilidad) tiene como objetivo abordar el problema de (leer más)

Short-Term Training in Spain for the Useful, Usability and Disposability Project

The Short-Term Training on E-learning Platforms for the Useful, Usability and Disposability project took place on the 17th to the 21st of March and served not only to consolidate the knowledge of the partners on the use of the platform during the development of the project, but also to set straight the path for all the (leer más)