First Transnational Meeting for the We M@ke IT H@ppen Project

The first transnational meeting for the We M@ke IT Happen was held in Trikala, Greece, the 10th and 11th of December, 2016. Our Greek partner, the Development Centre of Thessaly AKETH, was the responsible of organizing and executing the first of the meetings. During the meeting, the coordinators from the ANADOLU UNIVERSITY explained and discussed the project (leer más)

First Transnational Meeting of the Tools and Games for Cyberbullying project

Under a magnificent layer of thick, cold snow, we held the kickoff meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic, for the project Tools and Games for Cyberbullying from 5th to 7th of January. Hosted by our partners and coordinators Rizika internetu a komunikačních technologií, the meeting took place in their installations, with a rather alternative but effective approach (leer más)

Erasmus+ Ka104 de formación continúa para el desarrollo de Inercia Digital / Ka104 Erasmus+ for lifelong learning for Inercia Digital development

Del 4 al 8 de febrero tendrá lugar la tercera movilidad del proyecto de desarrollo europeo mediante formación continua de Inercia Digital en Portsmouth, Inglaterra. El proyecto, financiado mediante el programa Erasmus+ Acción Clave 104 de formación para personal, consistirá en un curso estructurado de título Management of Erasmus+ Mobility Projects, ofrecido por Etn Erasmus Plus, (leer más)

Inercia Digital presents KA1 projects!

Inercia Digital, an innovative Andalusian social enterprise, established in 2012, with Europe-wide outlets, and focused on fostering training in digital skills in Europe both for organizations and entrepreneurs presents 3 projects created for the Erasmus+ call. We would like to present you our proposal concerning the “Digital Schools” project, a mobility project under the Erasmus+ (leer más)

First Transnational Meeting for the STRIDE Project in Palestrina, Italy

The beginning of December was the date chosen for the kickoff meeting of the new project Strategies for the Digital Education (STRIDE) in the pleasant ancient city of Palestrina, in Italy. The meeting took place in the facilities of our coordinator partner IISP Via Pedemontana, where they took good care of us, showing us the good work they (leer más)

Curso del Proyecto CooperActiveII: “Management Manual for non formal educational organizations” // Course of the project CooperActiveII: “Management Manual for non formal educational organizations”

Inercia Digital S.L. va a llevar a cabo el curso “Management Manual for non formal educational organizations “, desarrollado a través del Proyecto Erasmus+ Ka2 CooperActive II. El proyecto CooperActive II continúa con la reflexión, el intercambio de opiniones y el desarrollo de las ideas surgidas del proyecto CooperActive I para el Reconocimiento del Trabajo juvenil y la Educación (leer más)

First Transnational Meeting for DILABS in Oslo, Norway

On 28th and 29th of November we celebrated the kickoff meeting for the DILABS project in Oslo in Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, our partner and hosts. DILABS aims to support trainers, teachers, staff and organizations involved in adult education in the field of key competences, including literacy and digital skills, in an active process of (leer más)

Erasmus+ Ka 104 para formación continua del equipo Inercia Digital // Ka 104 Erasmus+ for the lifelong learning of Inercia Digital Team

Erasmus+ Ka 104 para formación continua del equipo Inercia Digital. Durante la semana del 21 al 25 de noviembre, se ha desarrollado en Berlín el segundo de los cursos europeos previstos para el personal de Inercia Digital. En el marco del proyecto Erasmus+ ka 104, European Tools 4Adult Education Development in Andalucía, se ha desarrollado en (leer más)

El Proyecto Erasmus+ QUASER ha comenzado // The Erasmus+ QUASER Project has started

El Proyecto Erasmus+ QUASER ha comenzado. Los pasados días 7 y 8 de noviembre se celebró en la Universidad Degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata (Roma, Italia)  el primer encuentro del proyecto QUASER -Transparent qualifications for boosting the quality of services addressed to asylum seekers and refugees (Cualificaciones transparentes para mejorar la calidad de los (leer más)

Course “Personal Learning Environment” in El Rompido

Last week we finished the training course in El Rompido, Personal Learning Environment. It was a course under the Erasmus+ KA 1 mobilities between Inercia Digital and Maltese teachers from Maria Regina School and Estonian participant from the school Pelgulinna Gymnasium. Personal Learning Environments (PLE) is focused on how to restructure our own PLE to transfer this (leer más)