Participation of Schools in European programmes and networking

Last week we finished a training course in El Rompido, Participation of Schools in European programmes and networking. It was a course under the Erasmus+ KA 1 mobilities between Inercia Digital and Maltese teachers from Maria Regina School. The course was designed to help teachers to understand the European programmes, especially Erasmus+. We taught them an introduction of (leer más)

3rd Meeting and Training event under the project Disco

A week ago we had the pleasure to host for the 3rd meeting and a training course event “Disco and Digital Environment” the following organizations SOUTH EAST EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY TETOVO*INSTITUTE FOR ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH, Pakize Kokulu Anadolu Lisesi, SSOU MOSHA PIJADE-TETOVO and ZENDENSINO with which we have a project DISCO. Disco wants, throughout the planned (leer más)

Third course of IoT DIGICLASS in Romania

Last week we have attended the IoT DIGI CLASS course, the 3rd one, which took place in Lugoj, Romania. In this training course our partners of the Vocational School Kadri Şaman MTSO of Mersin, Turkey, were teaching students from Portugal, Italy, Romania and Spain about the use of the Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards and its (leer más)

E-learning Platforms and Resources course in Sevilla

Last week we finished a new training course in Sevilla, E-learning Platforms and Resources. It was a course under the Erasmus+ KA 1 motilities between Inercia Digital and teachers and inspectors from Romania´s school named Colegiul National “ Costache Negruzzi“ lasi. The course was designed to help teachers use e-learning platforms and related technologies in everyday classroom (leer más)

Curso del Proyecto CooperActiveII//Course of the project CooperActiveII

El próximo mes de Octubre Inercia Digital S.L. va a llevar a cabo el curso “Train the Trainer“, desarrollado a través del Proyecto Erasmus+ Ka2 CooperActive II. Este proyecto continúa con la reflexión, el intercambio de opiniones y el desarrollo de las ideas surgidas del CooperActive I para el Reconocimiento del Trabajo juvenil y la (leer más)

E-learning Platforms and Resources

At the end of this month will be held in Seville  the course E-learning Platforms and Resources  for a group from Romania. This training course will follow a Non-Formal methodology in every field, in order to promote the interaction between students and trainers as well as between students themselves. Different methods will be developed within the in-person sessions, giving (leer más)

Trendy Media for Youth Workers

At the end of the last month Inercia Digital has participated in a seminar named Trendy Media for Youth Workers, under the Erasmus+ in Náchod, Czech Republic. International Seminar Erasmus+ for Youth Workers about IT skills, took place in Náchod from 26/07/2016 – 30/07/2016. Participants were from Lithuania, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Youth (leer más)


MEET or Meeting for Education Employment and Training is a structured dialogue project funded by the Bureau International Jeunesse under the ERASMUS+ programme. The idea of the project is to represent an opportunity for young people to be directly engaged in an online debate in which to outline their expectations, needs and fears about future (leer más)

Training courses with Inercia Digital

Our training courses are tailored to the needs of teachers and trainers. All training courses are organized by our company Inercia Digital the young Andalusian social enterprise, established in 2012. This company offers some programmes and online courses specialised on both skills  for organizations and entrepreneurs- accessible through its Virtual Campus, which has been approved by the Regional (leer más)


Two weeks ago we had the pleasure to host for the course “Assessing training activities, using WEB 2.0. tools” the following organizations Colegiul tehnic “Alexandru Domsa”, CONSORZIO PER LA FORMAZIONE LOGISTICA INTERMODALE, FA-Magdeburg GmbH, EDREMIT-MESLEKI EGITIM MERKEZI and Zespol Szkol Nr 2 im. Grzegorza z Sanoka w Sanoku with which we have a project INTEMPO. (leer más)