DIGA event organised in El Rompido//DIGA evento organizado en El Rompido

Inercia Digital organised an event on 17 June 2017 for Erasmus+ KA2 project called DIGA in El Rompido. DIGA, Digital Innovations for Growth Academy, meets the strategic need defined in the Bruges Communique to improve the capacity of Vocational Education and Training to respond to the changing requirements of the labour market and to adapt (leer más)

Training course “Effective usage of Mobil and smart devices in the classroom”

Inercia Digital will organise from 3rd to 9th, August 2017 training course called, Effective usage of Mobil and smart devices in the classroom, in PCTH, Aljaraque. The course will be delivered to Turkish teachers and staff from the school ORTAKÖY 80:YIL MESLEKİ ve TEKNİK ANADOLU LİSESİ. The main topic will be Google suit. Inercia Digital (leer más)


We would like to present you our proposal concerning the “Digital Schools” project, a mobility project under the Erasmus+ framework, aimed at school education staff as well as adult center staff. The purpose of the “Digital Schools” project is to improve the quality of teaching through the integration of ICT in the educational process. In (leer más)

Lifelong@Learning training course organized in El Rompido.

Inercia Digital organized a training course for an Erasmus+ KA2 project, Lifelong@Learning from June 13-17 in El Rompido. LifeLong@Learning Project aims to promote the use of ICT in adult learning focusing on the application of ICT tools for distance learning. This objective will be achieved by the exchange of good practices among the partners and (leer más)

Roundtable of the project CooperActive II/La mesa redonda del proyecto CooperActive II

Inercia Digital organized a roundtable of the project CooperActive II in El Rompido, Spain, from 22nd to 24th of May 2017. The Cooperative II Project is a cooperation project for innovation, within the framework of the European Union’s Erasmus + framework, for the promotion of the capacities of young people and the exchange of good (leer más)

Course Digital skills and web 2.0 tools for education

Inercia Digital organised from 14th to 23rd of May a training course, under the Erasmus plus programme, called “Digital skills and web 2.0 tools for education” in El Rompido. Our participants were from the high school “Epralima” located in Portugal. The objective of the course is to train professionals, students and investigators the effective managing (leer más)

Course “Participation of schools in European programmes and networking”

Inercia Digital organised from 3rd to 9th of May a training course, under the Erasmus plus programme, called “Participation of schools in European programmes and networking” in PCTH, Aljaraque. Our participants were from primary school “Dedo Iljo Maleshevski” in Macedonia. The Participation of schools in the European programmes and networking is a course focused on European (leer más)

Training course for the project I CAN DO IT in Spain//Curso de formación del proyecto I CAN DO IT en España

From 19th to 21st of April we organized a training course for the project, I CAN DO IT in PCHT, Ajaraque, Spain. I CAN DO IT, Erasmus+ project aims to increase the competencies of youth workers, trainers & leaders in their direct work with young people with disabilities. Creation of a meeting and debate space (leer más)

Course “Teaching strategies for e-Learning”

Here we are in PCTH, Aljaraque, where we are hosting teachers from Malta and Estonia who came here under the Erasmus+ KA1 projects. The course which we have prepared for them has title “Teaching strategies for e-Learning“ which is based on non-formal education delivered by energizing activities and dynamic group activities. The course provides topics (leer más)

“Teaching strategies for e-Learning”

Inercia Digital will organize in April, from 16th to 22nd, a course with the title “Teaching strategies for e-Learning“ in PCTH, Aljaraque, Huelva. The aim of the course is to learn to structure a course in a training platform by organizing its format, distributing activities, designing questionnaires and enabling the skills to manage student records in (leer más)